A French speech database dedicated to the study of the perturbations of speech production due to noisy environments, and especially the Lombard effect. Environment: 4 noise conditions and the reference condition (quiet). The 2 noises used (a "white noise" and a "cocktail-party noise") were both produced to the ears of the speaker first without then with the feedback of his own voice. 10 speakers: 5 male and 5 female (4 CDROMs, approximately 2.2 Gigabytes)
· 30 Sentences (among the 50 "patching sentences" from EUROM1)
· 30 Numbers: digits (0 - 9) and 20 numbers ( 0 - 9999) from the fifth number group of EUROM1.
· "Logatomes" : 82 CVC with variation of initial and final consonant and the vowels [a,i,u] (EUROM1 set).

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Cette base de donnée a été réalisée pour étudier la perturbation de la production en milieu bruité et l'effet Lombard en particulier.

Environnement : 4 conditions de bruit (bruit blanc (2) et cocktail-party (2)) + une condition de référence (sans bruit).
10 locuteurs (5 hommes, 5 femmes) ont participé à l'enregistrement, en français.

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