Bulgarian Sentence Splitter and Tokenizer




The sentence splitter marks the sentence boundaries and the tokenizer marks string of symbols in raw Bulgarian text.
The sentence splitter applies regular rules and lexicons. Both - regular rules and lexicons - are manually crafted by an expert. Lists of lexicons (for recognizing abbreviations after which there must be or there might be a capital letter, a number, etc. in the middle of the sentence) are applied before the regular rules. The lexicons are compiled by a separate tool - the Lexicon compiler, as minimal acyclic final state automatŠ° which allows an effective processing. Sentence borders are represented as a position and length which allows the incoming text to be kept unchanged as well as an easy integration in different systems for annotation.
The tokenizer demarcates strings of letters, numbers, punctuation marks, special symbols, combinations of them and empty symbols. Regular patterns are used to recognize some simple cases of named entities that mean dates, fractions, emails, internet addresses, abbreviations, etc. The tokenizer classifies each recognized token (for example: small Cyrillic letters, capital Latin letters, etc.). The tokenizer utilizes finite state transducers for token recognition and type matching.

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