CHSM-IC: Corpus of Hungarian School Metalanguage – Interview Corpus





The present corpus contains semi-structured research interview texts recorded and transcribed for the purposes of a PhD project entitled 'Learning, following and disseminating language rules as a topic in the metalinguistic knowledge of students and their teachers' by Tamás Péter Szabó. 133 interviewees (partly students, partly teachers) were asked to speak about their linguistic routines and their opinion on various trends in language use. They were asked to evaluate linguistic trends and to explain linguistic phenomena as well. Data collection was carried out in elementary schools, training colleges and grammar schools, on years 1–4, 7 and 11 in Hungary (Budapest and ten counties). Students (years 1–4, 7 and 11) and their teacher of Hungarian grammar and literature (years 7 and 11) were interrogated. The research interviews were made with 1, 2, 3 or – in extreme cases – more interviewees. All of the interviews were recorded, transcribed and annotated by Tamás Péter Szabó.

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