Dictionary of Standard Estonian ÕS 2006

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Eesti õigekeelsussõnaraamat ÕS 2006

ÕS 2006 is outdated version and suitable only for research purposes. The latest version of ÕS is accessible at http://www.eki.ee/dict/qs/.

ÕS 2006 is a normative dictionary of modern standard Estonian, giving recommendations on correct language use. It contains recommended spellings and the morphology of words, instructions on pronunciation and semantics, also some syntactic recommendations. Abbreviations, geographical names and instruction on pronouncing foreign names are attached.

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See sõnaraamat on vananenud ning sobib kasutamiseks vaid teadustöös. Kehtivat keelenormi kajastab "Eesti õigekeelsussõnaraamat ÕS 2013"

ÕS ajakohane versioon asub aadressil http://www.eki.ee/dict/qs/.

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