Galician SpeechDat FDB


Galician SpeechDat

The SpeechDat Galician Database for the Fixed Telephone Network FDB contains the recordings from 653 speakers (217 males, 436 females) recorded over the fixed telephone network. It was recorded by Universidade de Vigo (UVigo) and Universidade de Santiago de Compostela (USC) (Spain).

The database complies with the common specifications created in the SpeechDat project. The database is partitioned into 3 CD-ROMs, in ISO 9660 format. Speech samples are stored as sequences of 8-bit 8 kHz A-law, uncompressed. Each prompted utterance is stored in a separate file, and each signal file is accompanied by an ASCII SAM label file which contains the relevant descriptive information. Each speaker uttered about 44 items. A pronunciation lexicon with the phonetic transcription in SAMPA is also included.

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