Lingsoft Proofreader Server


A server-based application with an AJAX web client component running in your web browser and attached to your web content. Thus, you have proofing available anywhere, anytime. No software installations needed on your workstation. Only a code snippet in your web publishing system, and installation of proofing tools components on your web server.

Lingsoft Proofreader Server is normally delivered by web publishing system providers and integrators, as it may require some adaptation work. Lingsoft delivers the server-side proofing tool components, plus the AJAX user interface components to be integrated in your web content editor by the provider or integrator. Lingsoft also provides comprehensive documentation plus example code and scripts to ease the installation and integration.

Languages: Finnish, Swedish, Swedish with Finlandism Control (Svefix), Norwegian (Bokmål), Norwegian (Nynorsk, spell-checking only), Danish, German (post-reform, spell-checking only), and English (spell-checking only). Additional languages pending.

Supported browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer on Windows (latest version), Mozilla Firefox on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X (latest version). Javascript must be enabled. May work also in other browsers which support the Design mode.

Web server runtime environment: Java SE 5.0 by Sun Microsystems, plus Tomcat 5.5 servlet container.

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