OntoLP Plugin

The OntoLP system is a plug-in for the construction environment of the ontologies Protégé. The plug-in intents to be an assistant for the engineer of ontologies for Portuguese during the execution of initial steps concerning the ontologies construction: extraction of terms which are candidates for concepts; and their organization in a hierarchical way. The system uses methods of ontologies construction from texts based on statistical measures and linguistic information. Therefore, in order to run, it's necessary a corpus as input in a XCES format and a syntactic parser, that should be PALAVRAS (available at: http://visl.sdu.dk/visl/pt/) , which gives a linguistic analysis.

The plug-in is organized in three steps: (1) tab for loading the corpus; (2) tab for the extraction of the terms; and (3) tab for the hierarchical organization of the terms (see Junior 2012).

The OntoLP tool was implemented as a plug-in for the Protégé (available at http://protege.stanford.edu), an editor for ontologies and an environment widely used in the scientific community that supports the constructions of ontologies based on Semantic Web Technologies, as the construction of Web Ontology Language (OWL) ontologies, in accordance with the pattern defined by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

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