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Serbian WordNet (SrpWN) represents a lexical semantic network, containing synsets with glosses and various semantic relations, such as antonymy, meronymy, causation, category domain, etc. The initial version of the Serbian Wordnet was produced in the scope of the EU-funded Balkanet project and it contains all synsets from basic concept sets 1 and 2, and two thirds of synsets from basic concept set 3. Through interlingual relations it is connected to English Wordnet (versions 2.0 and 3.0) and wordnets of many other languages. Currently the Serbian Wordnet contains 18,366 synsets (literals 31,274): 1380 adjectives (literals 1887), 2104 verbs (literals 3918), 14,765 nouns (literals 25,298), other 117. 706 synsets are not connected to the PWN, being either Balkan specific concepts (532) or Serbian specific concepts (174). 18,310 synsets have definitions in Serbian, and 1,274 have examples of usage. Semantic relations in SrpWN: hypernym - 16,590; holo_part - 1,298; holo_member - 3,831; holo_portion - 118; near_antonym - 736; be_in_state - 252; causes - 63. From 31,274 literals in SrpWN 10,164 are multi-word units.

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