TaaS - Cloud Services for Terminology Work



The TaaS platform is a cloud-based platform developed wihin the TaaS project that provides the following online core terminology services for key terminology tasks:
1) Automatic extraction of monolingual term candidates from user uploaded documents using the state-of-the-art terminology extraction techniques
2) Automatic recognition of translation equivalents for the extracted terms in user-defined target language(s) from different public and industry terminology databases
3) Automatic acquisition of translation equivalents for terms not found in term banks from parallel/comparable web data using the state-of-the-art terminology extraction and bilingual terminology alignment methods
4) Facilities for cleaning up (i.e., revising: editing, deleting) of automatically acquired terminology by users
5) Facilities for terminology sharing and reusing: APIs and export tools for sharing resulting terminological data with major term banks and reuse in different user applications.

For language workers, the TaaS platform simplifies the processing, storage, sharing, and reuse of task-specific multilingual terminology via rich functionality of the TaaS online interface. For computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools TaaS provides instant access to terminology data and services via integration in popular CAT tools memoQ and OmegaT. The publicly accessible TaaS API enables integration of terminology services in a wide range of applications and solutions. For example, TaaS services are used in the Web-based showcase that demonstrates application of the new ITS 2.0 standard by WWW Consortium for enriched terminology annotation.

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