Hungarian MTBA




Hungarian MTBA is issued from a project for the creation of the fixed line and mobil telephone voices based Hungarian speech database.
The goal of the project was collecting speech telephone database, in which some major dialectal variants are represented. This database provided a realistic base both for the training and testing of the present-day teleservices, and - because of the phonetically richness - the training of real speaker independent speech recognizers. The database contains records based on the definition in SpeechDatE for the dialectical, age and sex balance and vocabulary. Important and different from the SpeechDatE database is, that the phonetically rich sentences and words have been segmented and labelled at phoneme level. Thus the database gives possibility to train phoneme based recognizers. During planning the corpus, we took into consideration not only the variety of the dialectical aspects, but the special characteristics of Hungarian language too. Since the Hungarian is an agglutinative language, we needed to create a larger vocabulary in some categories, than it was mandatory. We tried to pay an extra attention to the topic 'phonetically rich sentences and words', to create a phonetically well balanced speech database for text independent speech recognizers. A detailed statistical analysis was prepared to examine the statistics of phonemes, diphones, triphones and syllables.

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